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Morten Andersen

Morten is our newest team member from early 2020 onwards. He is truly hungry for racing and good results, and has been improving rapidly since starting. Morten is a capable and fast driver, who will relentlessly go for improvement to lap time and consistency. We think he has a secret desire to improve enough to be part of the star #45 car, and he is certainly on the way. It is clear Morten loves to drive.

Some say he has a secret identity as a Norwegian astronaut, and that he in his spare time arranges flowers for the Ambassador to the GuruGuru clone tribe. All we know is, he drives the #46 car.

  • Best results: P7 (?) at GTR24h 12 hours of Nürburgring 2020
  • Best moment in a race: Fighting for P3 at the Nürburgring 12hr race in 2020
  • Favourite Sim Racecar: Ferrari 488 GTE
  • Favourite Sim Racetrack: Spa-Francorchamps
  • Favourite Sim Racing Game: Gran Turismo
  • Favourite Real World Car: Ferrari F40
  • Favourite Soda: Pepsi Max
  • I don’t like: Losing. Like, I really don’t, I am very bad at it
  • Favourite Meal: Pasta Carbonara
  • Favourite Engineering Equation: F = m * a