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DIS SR Lab to win the World Championship in their first full season?

It would be amazing, and although we try not to think about it, it is really hard not to. It is a LONG and HARD race. We go in from a great place; leading the championship, but the season finale at LeMans yields double points, so nothing is decided until the chequered flag.

If our main competitors take Pole Position and win the race, we must come 3rd to take the championship. If they do not take Pole Position and still win the race, we must come 4th to take the championship. Based on that, and hundredths of other scenarios, our logic and spreadsheets tell us we must continue with our strategy from past races. We have to stay focused and thorough because we have everything to lose and they have everything to win. Having said all that, we are approaching this race as we always do; thoroughly and enjoyingly. 

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