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Mads Nielsen

Mads is the slightly quiet one, but his passion for racing is undisputed. He is a gentle soul with a warm, authentic and super helpful energy. Although close to the pace, he initially decided against the pressure of racing in #45. After a diligent effort he came to terms with it and started posting competitive times. This reveals Mads’s SR Lab team-spirit, FUN is important first and foremost, and love of racing fuels it. When Mads has not been driving, he has been a very cool pit wall race engineer.

Mads is now part of the star #45 driver crew, and started Sim Racing approx. 2005

  • Best results: Participation in 2 EEWC races
  • Best moment in a race: First lap
  • Favourite Sim Racecar: McLaren 720s GT3
  • Favourite Sim Racetrack: Matsusaka (we all know what that really means)
  • Favourite Sim Racing Game: Assetto Corsa
  • Favourite Real World Car: Ferrari 458 Spider
  • I don’t like: Mushrooms and pit lanes
  • Favourite Soda: Jolly Cola
  • Favourite Meal: Anything Asian
  • Favourite Engineering Equation: Xc=1/(2πfc)   (the capacitor reactance formula)