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DIS SimRacingLab final prep for EEWC final


DIS SimRacingLab is making their final track-preparations this weekend, as the team gets ready for the season final on LeMans.

#45; Andi, Jannik and Mads have been fine-tuning setups and strategies, ready for nearly any circumstance through the race.

#46; Nik, Olav, Martin and Morten have been busy getting back into the rhythm of racing on the glorious LeMans circuit. Slight differences in the setup for the cars give the opportunity for split strategies and, keeping in mind the ambitions for each car is different, the team will be all but ready by the end of Sunday the 18th. Getting to the start in just under a week from now is an exciting prospect, which fills the entire team with great anticipation and thrill. It can all go fantastic, and it can all go to pants.. the atmosphere around the team is building daily.

It is a tough race, and a host of preparations for rest-area, hangout, sleep-area, food, drink, twitch-feed and so much else is all coming together, as we go to work together at DIS/CREADIS for one more week before the culmination of a truly inspired first full season of EEWC comes to a close. We can’t wait to “start our engines…”

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