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Here at the Lab we share developments for free!

One of the outstanding values for our workplace DIS/CREADIS is “Community”. We embrace the community and try to live out the enjoyment and importance of it. This very much permeates our team as one foundation for our “why”, even as careers develop and some of the team pursues other opportunities in their careers. A fundamental driver for us in SimRacingLab is the enjoyment of having fun together and go racing together. We take our ambition of being the closest thing to a factory team seriously. This ambition is why we will make our nerdy expertise and developments, small or big, available to our racing community when we come up with them. We hope you will enjoy, and find benefit from our sharing nuggets from our Lab here.

3D printable potentiometer cover for Fanatec CSL elite pedals

From the factory the potentiometers on the Fanatec CSL Elite pedals are exposed to dust and other debris. Over time this can lead to flickering or give dead zones in the travel range. To prevent this issue, we have designed a simple cover to 3D print, that can be clicked right onto the potentiometer. This prevents the dust and debris from entering the potentiometer, thus extending the lifetime.
The cover fits both the throttle and clutch/brake pedal potentiometer.

In the folder you will find a STL file that is ready to print, and a STEP file if you want to make some modifications yourself.
There is also an installation guide which we advise to read, even though the process is straight forward.

We have printed our covers in PLA on an Ultimaker 3 using Cura, but feel free to experiment yourself. This piece is simple to print and will probably print just fine with other settings, also without a heated build plate for example. Remember that different materials, even different makes of PLA, might require slightly different settings to print optimally.
The model has been printed with the round face pointing down, with the following settings:

  • Layer height 1mm
  • Wall thickness: 1mm
  • Top/bottom thickness: 1mm
  • Extruder temperature: 200°C
  • Build plate temperature: 60°C
  • Print speed: 70mm/s
  • Brim width: 3mm
  • Support: Everywhere
  • Support minimum X/Y distance: 1.5mm
Potentiometer Cover
Potentiometer Cover
Potentiometer Cover
Potentiometer Cover
Potentiometer Cover
Potentiometer CoverPotentiometer CoverPotentiometer CoverPotentiometer Cover