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Olav Langdahl

Aside from his job at DIS, Olav has flirted with real-world motorsport for many years. An avid Formula 1 & McLaren fan, he used to write for, he is a Formula 1 guide and helped the real-world TCR Denmark series get started in 2020. He has been a significant driving force behind 5 motor and motorsport exhibitions, oh, and he has also managed a number of race drivers, including one who went on to become World Champion in the one-make Lamborghini Super Trofeo series.

Olav is NOT an engineer, and quite proud of it we think; we don’t know why though…?? – He drives the #46, the “slightly slower car”. He started Sim Racing in the. early 80’s, when it was still called “playing computer games”.

  • Best Results: 275km/t in a Mercedes AMG GT on an abandoned airfield (real-world)
  • Best Moment in a race: Long straights
  • Favourite Sim Racecar: The one staying on the track
  • Favourite Sim Racing Game: rFactor2 and Formula 1 on the Xbox
  • Favourite Real World Car: Jaguar F-Pace, or I-Pace 2021.. and Land Rover Series IIA 107″
  • Favourite Soda: Coke Zero
  • I don’t like: Cheating and french cars
  • Favourite Meal: Anything that goes with a good Primitivo red wine
  • Favourite Engineering Equation:¬†P=p-i ¬†Performance = potential-interferences (now piss off engineers, it’s a coaching formula, and maths is overrated anyway)