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Most people in the team would probably vote for Jannik for Team Principal. His drive and resolve and work outshines all the initial romantic dreams of having a team. It is impossible not to like Jannik immediately, he even has a super cool Ducati motorbike in his living room! The perfect gentleman, and if he wasn’t a nerdy engineer with sligthly greasy hair, he’d probably be a succesful model or biker travelling the world with a couple of mates.

Jannik is chasing Andi hard as the fastest driver on the #45 car. He started Sim Racing on a PS2 around 2001.

  • Best results: Championship leaders, GTR24h EEWC series 2020 in GT3 class
  • Best moment in a race: Race start!
  • Favourite Sim Racecar: McLaren 720s GT3
  • Favourite Sim Racetrack: Nürburgring Nordschleife
  • Favourite Sim Racing Game: rFactor2
  • Favourite Real World Car: Toyota Supra
  • Favourite Soda: Redbull
  • I don’t like: People who don’t indicate out of roundabouts
  • Favourite Meal: Steaks!
  • Favourite Engineering. Equation: P=√3*U*I*cosφ  (Ohms law (extended))