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Team DIS SimRacing Lab to sport new gorgeous liveries for LeMans

Our first livery was made in a rush before our very first race because we were past the deadline for submission. Naturally, we have long wanted to create a new and nicer livery for the cars, and we actually tried something a bit new for the Matsusaka race. For the season finale on LeMans in 2020, we have finally finished this and we will be revealing it very soon, ready for an epic and season-deciding race. Here is a tiny teaser though…

We have really liked the cars looked the same, but it proved difficult for followers to know which was which, so we have now made them distinctly different, but with the same patters and theme. This theme is very much the best mix of the SimRacing Lab hexagon and the colours from our name sponsor DIS/CREADIS. We have loved to create the cool small details, really like it, and hope it will prove helpful for followers and spectators. If we win, we have decided to get a 1:18 model of the cars with livery made for a potential trophy cabinet, matching tattoos are currently not on the table, but who knows?

The future for DIS SimRacing Lab

We have just qualified for the rFactor2 GT CHALLENGER 2020 SEASON 2 series and will be competing in that until 28th December 2020. This is a sprint series and a very different challenge. Jannik and Andi will each take a car for this work, which will not affect our focus on the EEWC.

For 2021 we have decided for #45 to move up to either GTE or LMP2, but we are still debating which one to choose. Our main series will remain EEWC, as we find this exhilarating, competitive and we enjoy being part of the friendly racing community here.

We are currently designing new and better rigs, which we hope to have finished during the 2021 season. A lot of work is going into this, and other developments, to keep the team improving toward our ambition of standing out as the closest thing to a factory team.

The Strategy for LeMans, perhaps winning the World Championship

Our main competitors are the great guys from Team Rookie Monsters. We will never admit it, but we actually like them. If they take Pole Position and win the race, we have to come in 3rd to take the championship. If they do not take Pole Position and win the race, we have to come in 4th to take the championship. Based on that, both our logic and our spreadsheets tell us we must continue with our strategy from past races. We have to stay focused and thorough because we have everything to lose and they have everything to win. Naturally we cannot afford a mechanical fault on our equipment like we experienced last year, and although we have a strong position, nothing is won until the checkered flag falls. We will miss the thrill of the LAN event, and we hope circumstances will have resolved by next year so we can get back to that format. Preferably in time for us to plan and execute an epic party for our sponsors, friends and followers. We certainly need an epic party as soon as possible.

The “slightly slower car” will, as always, go out there to have huge amounts of fun. You will notice its livery is a bit darker; like the dark horse of the race. Hopes are always high, but the reality is our approach was always to have a second car for team members to have fun without the pressure or expectancy to win. The simple ambition for #46 is to do better than last year. It has two new drivers for LeMans, making up a 4-driver crew, and it is all about enjoying the team and racing experience.

We really look forward to the great racing at LeMans, and an intense battle with our competitors. Immediately after, we will be looking forward to the 2021 season. The calendar, the tracks and the format are a cool and welcome challenge.

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